Cheap Land River Side 17,43 Are In Umalas Kerobokan Close To Seminyak

IDR 650 Million / Are

Owning a plot of land may be a dream for everyone, but land or land in Bali today is getting more and more difficult day, month, year for us to own. This means that demand and supply or demand and availability are not balanced.

If demand is greater than availability, then anything, including property or land prices, will be a challenge. What’s the challenge? Yes, each property is increasingly unaffordable.

It’s very different if you want to own land in a remote place, you sell it cheap or you want to buy it cheap, even if you are given free of charge as long as you live there, maybe no one will want it, especially in a place that is a conflict area.

So don’t be surprised, land with the same area can have different prices, like the earth and the sky are very far away. Especially land or land in urban or urban areas, the price can only be purchased by people who have capital only for the purpose of office or other business.

As with land prices in Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa, the price of land or vacant land becomes very significant, depending on the location and prospects. As is the case today in Lombok, maybe no one looked at it before, but now that there is the Mandalika MotoGP circuit, the price of vacant land here is getting more and more expensive.

OK, maybe someone is interested in buying land or tens of acres of land in the Umalas area, Badung district. Can be for investment in the long term or near term.

Land size 17,43 are / 1743 m2
Land Contour Flat And Dry
Land River Side
Road Access Private 3.5 meters
ITR / Yellow zone / Residential

Note :
2 certificate (788 m² and 955 m²) with private access.
Riverside and Villa surrounding.

IDR 650 million per are slightly negotiable


Umalas Land sale

Umalas Land sale

Umalas Land sale

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