Beach Front Land For Sale In Kuta Lombok

IDR 350,000,000 / Are

Prestigious land with an area of ​​2.4 hectares in the Kuta Lombok area or more popular with its new name, KEK (Special Economic Zone) Who doesn’t know KEK ( Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus ) ? It is ordinary and naïve if you are Lombok people until you don’t know about this. This area with a myriad of plans is very promising for classy investors to invest their capital here.

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Is that you? Well, if so, let’s immediately decide and make an effort to invest in the Special Economic Zone or in the Mandalika Resort area, which will become the belle of the world and which will become a magnet for Moto GP racing lovers. At present, Lombok is highly regarded by investors to invest.

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Do not stay silent about the best to your business hire. This area is very suitable to build a classy hotel, in addition to accommodating foreign tourists, domestic tourists and seasonal tourists when Moto GP will be held, your occupancy will become a priority for choice. Because the location of the land being sold is really on the main beach, Kuta Lombok beach, Mandalika beach and the beach of the Special Economic Zone.

From the location of the land for sale, look at the bay of Kuta Beach on the right
The condition of the land to be sold is very flat near the hill
Location, layout or location plan marked in red color
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