Lombok Gazebo Or Wooden Work

On this page I will discuss specifically Berugak / Paruga / Gazebo here. Lombok people themselves have a name for this, namely: As fast as four-legged and Sekenem if six-legged.

Maybe this type is not called part of the craft, the shape is already large, I prefer to consider it part of the property or construction.

Gazebo size 1.5 x 2 meters in Gunungsari, not yet to paint process

This type can be found throughout Indonesia or even throughout the world, with the characteristics of the difference in the shape of the carvings if the poles are carved.

Regarding Berugak or this gazebo, there are many manufacturing sites in Gunungsari, if you see it in an artshop on the side of the road it means just an example.

Specifically, the production of this Gazebo is located in or on the roads that lead to the village in many places at competitive prices with very good quality.

If there is a price offered is very cheap, you need to suspect what wood materials they use. The price will determine the quality, there may be a low price but if the wood is refined then the wood that is not good will be disguised.

With a size of 2.5 X 2 meters which is pegged at Rp 6,500,000

If you come to our place you might be a little confused to find the location because you know the most on the roadside only.

Because you might be from the district of Central Lombok or East Lombok. It is very easy for you to own this property on this Buggy type.

Just contact us via WhatsAap conversation, please order the size, ask the price and where will we take it to? If you are sure of your choice then you just have to pay a deposit or Dp (Down payment) deposit of 20% only.

Ready Stock, not yet finished ready to be ordered to be sent anywhere

To assure us that you are serious and so we do not hesitate to deliver to your address. So it is very simple. You just sit sweetly while playing the gadget.

We will deliver your items or your dream in a period of between 1 or 2 days. If the stock is not ready, we will make your order first, then we will deliver it afterwards.

The manufacturing process depends on size, it can be 2 or 4 days, it can be finished, including finishing the color rendering according to your taste. Our finishing material uses water features as shown in the picture, but if you want better finishing results, you will have to reach into the bag again.

Looks a collection of gazebo with various sizes that are ready to order

So for the price of a Berugak or Gazebo, it depends on the size and quality of the material used. We use local wood grade 2, namely Jackfruit and Mahogany wood.

If you order starting with wood class 1, then you are prepared to be surprised by the price. The price will be more than 2X, especially with additional extras that follow the taste of this berugak will definitely be very expensive and will certainly be very satisfying.

“I just call it, for the size of 2 x 4 meters or Sekenem it will cost Rp 23,000,000 / unit if using Kempas wood. Hmmm, horrified … !!!

Ready stock with standard materials with class 2 wood, Nangka wood or Mahon wood

For the size of the berugak with standard materials, I would just like the picture you see here, if the size is 2 x 2 meters (as fast) we sell for Rp 5,000,000 with grade 2 wood.

If the size is 2.5 X 2 meters we sell for IDR 6,500,000 with class 2 wood. Now for other sizes you can ask, because there are smaller sizes or even bigger ones than the examples I have here.

Size 2 X 2 meter ready to be sent to East Lombok

“So this is as a benchmark for other measurements. Besides, if you have the choice of multy roof / metal roof tiles, there will be an additional price. For example, the size of 2 x 2 meters must add another IDR 500,000.

You have got a good quality metal tile material with a sandy surface. This means that you no longer need to prepare sand and cement at home or you will be placed on your berugak.

What we need to make sure is that in your area there is electricity to take electricity to chop the grinding machine to cut the metal roof tile material.

At the place of the work shop are displayed at all the place of purchase transactions

All prices at the Berugak or Gazebo are included with the roof and shipping costs in the city of Mataram and its surroundings, included in the price.

But if the shipment is located far out of town there are additional costs according to distance.

There are two choices of roofing materials to choose from, either with Alang-alang roofs or with Tile roofs depending on taste but if you use tile roofs you must prepare sand and cement for roof mounting on the installation location.



Only the sand and cement are not included in the price. If the roof material is changed using certain materials, the price will adjust depending on the level of difficulty.

As fast as 2 X 2 meters before finishing with poles from coconut tree wood
After this finishing process, the price is Rp. 9,500,000

If you don’t mind during installation, you prepare coffee or tea for the craftsman, so the installation process can be neater, heheheee … Sorry, I’m a little threatening …


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