Freehold – Amazing 5 Star Jungle Resort Ubud, Bali Indonesia


IDR 750 Milyar

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Design Concept
Enveloped by lush valley greenery, The – Jungle Resort is attuned to the surrounding environment and respects the harmonious spirit of the local Bresela village.

Three tiers pool is inspired by the splendor of the nearby Tegallalang Rice Terrace.

Supported by luxury accommodation options and high-end facilities, this five-star haven blends island creativity with boutique sophistication.

Removed from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourism, The Jungle Resort is a peaceful retreat where guests can reconnect with the beauty of nature. It lends itself to leisurely walks around the village where daily life is typically dominated by an endless cycle of ceremonial rituals and rite.

The Jungle Resort has been created to take guests on a journey that stimulates the senses. Peaceful sounds of singing birds, wind chimes and the gentle flow of water drift across the valley.

Tropical flowers and incense fill the air with exotic fragrances.

The resort’s visual allure comes from its unique architectural concept, stylish design elements, local artworks and lush landscape.

Land Area; 11.200 Sqm
Rooms; 38 Suites and Private Pool Villas
Rooms Type; Kayon Jungle Suite, Jungle Pool Villas, Valley Pool Villas, Kayon Premier Pool Villas, Kayon Royal Pool Villas

ONLY SERIOUS BUYER w/clean prove of bank statement and
a Letter of Intent (LOI). 


Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star

Freehold 5 Star Room

5 Star Room

5 Star Restaurant

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