Quick Sale Luxurious And Fascinating 5 Star hotel In Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

IDR 105 Milyar

Currently, there are a lot of hotels and villas being sold in Bali, after being affected by the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak which has adversely affected the world economy. The number of properties for sale in Bali hotels and villas is in the hundreds or even nearly 400 properties on offer.

We are also involved in offering almost all of the properties for sale. Some we upload on this website, some are offline which you can ask us.

So if you don’t find the property you want to buy on this website, it’s as expected. You can ask us directly so that we can search for properties that match your expectations, according to the location and according to the funds you have prepared.

For Sale ….


  • Land size / LT 6550 sqm
  • Building size / LB 2939 sqm
  • 4 luxury suite villas 125 sqm each
  • 2 luxury suite rooms
  • 10 terrace deluxe rooms at 34 sqm each + terrace
  • 10 pool deluxe rooms at 34 sqm each + pool + terrace
  • One of the largest natural stone swimming pool in Bali at 26 meter long
  • Fully furnished
  • Large yoga deck
  • Communal kitchen
  • Service kitchen
  • Electricity 131.000 W
  • CCTV monitoring system
  • Co-working space
  • Fascinating views of the Ubud valley
  • Among rice paddies


  • Complete hotel, restaurant and spa licenses.
  • Freehold Certificate
  • Hotel Building Permit (IMB) 2019
  • Prime location

Additional Info:

  1. Award Winning Designs
  2. Cover of a prestigious design magazine
  3. Award Winning Hotel TripAdvisor
  4. 11% ROI per annum
  5. Top French designs to international standards.
  6. John Pettigrew designed landscaping.
  7. Supervised and built by top European and Australian contractors
  8. Lobby painted by top Ubud painter and carved by top Ubud carvers
  9. Newly built (2019)

Price / Harga:

  • IDR turun dari IDR
  • USD 5.303.030 decrease from USD 7.955.000
  • EUR 4.375.000 decrease from EUR 6.562.500


Five Star Ubud

Five Star Ubud

Five Star Ubud

Five Star Ubud

Bed room Ubud

Hotel Ubud

Private room

Rice field

If you are interested, just check the location. With no respect, sorry we do not serve questions and answers. We will answer all questions on site. “Thank you.

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